Story of quragnaye is...


In order to free his childhood sweetheart, wanderer student Gobeze is chained and travels with her kidnapper to the royal town to debate and defeat his opponent at a beloved queen’s court.

Short Synopsis

In Ethiopia, during the era of Queen Zewditu, shepherd boy Gobezé is in love with his childhood sweetheart, Alemé. One day, the arrogant court litigator Gonté, abducts, marries and runs away with Alemé. Consumed by his love, Gobezé becomes a wanderer student and searches for her for seven years. When he finally finds her, he decides to run away with her, but the two young lovers are caught red-handed by Gonté while making love. Neighbors stall the ensuing fight and an elder chains the two men together and tells them to stand trial in the queen’s court in a nearby town.